Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Run For The Nation 2009

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Run For The Nation - Kelantan Run 10/10/2009

Click here to download the list of runners and their routes/groups:

Route A: starts 5.30 am
Route B: starts 6.10 am
Route C: starts 6.50 am
Route D: starts 7.30 am
Route E: starts 8.10 am
Route F: starts 8.50 am
Route G: starts 9.30 am
Route H: starts 10.10 am

Meeting for team leaders on 11 September 2009 at 2 pm First Assembly Of God Church.

Meeting for all runners on 4/10/2009 Kota Bharu Baptist Church
(Thanks to Andrew Yeap who prepared the list of runners)
Update (10/09/09)
People with paid T-shirts order

1. Teo Sin Yee (S)
2. Tan Swee Mang (M)
3. Chee Wai Hong (L)
4. Karen Voon (S)
5. Loo Hun Ching (M)
6. Siew King Wei (L)
7. Gabriel Matthew Fletcher (M)
8. Tan Yee Lin (M)
9. Pang Kin Tong (L)
10. Dawn Tan Gim Cheong (XL)
11. Tan Tze Ling (M)
12. Ling Heng Wei (M size)
13. Lim Jin Lee (M size)
14. Edwin Pheng (M size)
15. Wong Su Yun (S size)
16. Wong Chu Ann (S size)
17. Teo Jen Keat (M size)
18. Lim Cher Wee (S size)
19. Patrick Lee Liang Hoong (M size)
20. Rachel Lin Yen Hwa (S Size)
21. Gloria Guok (L size)
22. Chew Keng Sheng (XL size)

List of volunteers:
1. Wong Siew Ting
2. Lily Kou
3. Mary Chieng
4. Mary Wong Hui Jing
5. Rose Wong Mee Ting
6. Teng Kee Nieng
7. Lau Siik Jing
8. Rachel Lin Yen Hwa
9. Sze Hua
10. Gloria Guok

Latest T-shirt order by 12/09/09
Please note: The T-shirt is black in color, nice elegant design, but may not be suitable running especially under hot sun!!! This T-shirt is for you to keep and wear as remembrance
The design of the T-shirt is as below:

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