Monday, September 21, 2009

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

(These are some of my thoughts I have made as comments to Chapter 3 of John Maxwell's forthcoming book)

John Maxwell says: "Many times each year I am engaged as a speaker..... often I request a call with someone in the organization learn the expectations of my host... My goal is never to simply deliver a speech. I want to add value to people...I always spend time tailoring what I’m going to say to fit what they need."

From personal experience, oftentimes, what determine whether I will successfully connect with my students or not is not really the contents of the lecture (though that is important); but rather, whether I am REAL or not.

I personally experienced and believe that people can see through you, beyond your talk, beyond your slides, beyond your outward appearance. They can see whether you are really genuinely care for them and concern for their performance and grades, or whether you are just up there to showcase how much you know.

At times, really, action speaks louder than words. Respect has got to be earned. When you earn their respect, you win the right to hold their ears for your talk.

In that book, John Maxwell quoted television executive, communication consultant and author Roger Ailes for the seven-second rule to make the first impression:

"You’ve got just seven seconds to make the right first impression. As soon as you make your entrance, you broadcast verbal and nonverbal signals that determine how others see you. In business, those crucial first seven seconds can decide whether you will win that new account, or succeed in a tense negotiation." I personally think we have got more than 7 seconds but no more than, probably, first 5 – 10 minutes to make that first impression. Within the first five to 10 minutes, they will decide whether you are worth their attention or not. You can force their presence in the room or hall, but you can’t force their attention and mind to your talk.

“People will not always remember what you said. They will not always remember what you did. But, they will always remember how you made them feel.” - Mike Harrison

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