Sunday, October 4, 2009

Speaking To Impress or Speaking To Impact?

John Maxwell reminds us that if you want to impress people, you can talk about your successes, but if you want people to identify with you, it is better to talk about your failures.

Sometimes, I have to admit that the ulterior motive of me speaking is to impress the crowd with how much I know. And this is dangerous: the moment we start feeding ourselves with the praise and adulation from others, we will yearn for more. We may end up losing the focus of our speaking – and that is to impart information to others.

I have seen speakers who keep on speaking on highly specialized and advanced stuffs that the crowds can’t follow, and this happens despite knowing the fact that the crowds are getting lost and disinterested.

Being in a position of leadership and a position of power as a lecturer, I need to remind myself that I may be able to keep a crowd, but I may not be able to keep a follower, if I am not connecting.

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