Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Reflections on Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow by Dr. R.C. Sproul (Part 2)

"As helpful as these study aids (e.g. study bibles, commentaries, etc) can be, it is important to remember the purpose behind our study. We must read the Bible existentially; that is, we must become involved in Bible Study what we’re reading. We must not just sit back as spectators, learning facts while remaining untouched and unmoved by the text of Scripture. We must ask ourselves what the Word is saying to us as we read. Only by considering this question will be come to the completeness Paul longed to see in Timothy."

Sometimes if we are not careful, we can treat bible studies and bible readings as a form of academic exercise. We may have a lot of head knowledge, but little heart conversion.

This passage from the book Five Things Every Christian Needs To Grow, forces me to ask myself - is my heart challenged, convicted, healed from my reading of the Word of God?

Worse is when we are treating daily Bible reading and the so-called "Quiet Time" as a form of chore or routine that we must do as Christians.

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