Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some thoughts on the Mayan prediction

A little thought on the Mayan's prediction - as a Christian, I used to quickly dismiss the possibility that the world would end on 21st Dec because of various reasons, e.g. 1) it is a pagan prediction 2) the Mayans did not take leap years into consideration, hence, the Last Day would have occurred even if the Mayans were right, etc, etc. But as I searched my heart deeper, I find that maybe the reason is not so much whether the Mayans were right or not, but maybe it is because I just don't want the world to end and I don't want Jesus to come back because I have so many good things to enjoy and plans I am not ready to give up. Because if the Mayans are wrong, I couldn't care less as my trust is in God but if the Mayans are right, I should be rejoicing because I am going to meet Jesus. I am not trying to convey a doom & gloom thought here but the reality is Bible says no one knows (young or old, rich or poor) the date or time Jesus is going to return - like you just can't plan for the unpredictables in lives - you don't plan for any disaster, any possible accident or the day you will die. Like while I am typing the next letter on this post, my heart could have just stopped beating and God could have snapped me back to heaven. Does that thought stagger you? I am not sure about you, but it certainly did for me. Is life on earth becomes so predictable for us?

Some reflection questions for you think about: How would you have lived your life differently if you know today is your last day on earth? Or tomorrow? Or every day is going to be the last day? What things you are doing right now that you would stop doing if you know today is your last day? Or what things you are planning and procrastinating to do today that you should actually be doing if you know today is your last day? Is there a grudge you should let go just because of some minor issues? Is there a person you need to forgive? A reconciliation to make? A sin you need to give up?

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