Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The father who Hides Behind the Computer Screen

While preparing for my coming message on some of the distorted concepts of God that affect how we view ourselves and how that affect our relationships with others, I came upon a devotional passage in an issue in Every Day With Jesus by the late Selwyn Hughes, way back in the year 1997.

In that passage, it is written of a story of a lady who pictured God as Someone who always sits behind a newspaper. This has been influenced by the fact that her earthly father sat and read newspaper all the time. And that could have resulted in her thinking that in her father's point of view, newspapers was more important than her.

As I read that, I was thinking...how could someone do like that? I told myself, I will never do like that!! Never! Then, suddenly, out of a still small voice, the Holy Spirit convicted upon me, "Yes, you may not be holding and reading the newspaper all the time, but you are certainly hiding behind the computer screen all the time!" That convicted me there and then! I knew I was wrong! Yes, I may not be holding a newspaper, but that because I am using an e-newspaper, and I am hiding behind the computer screen all the time, sending out a message to my children that computers are more important to me than they are! I repented. Often, it is easy to see the mistakes of others, but not of ourselves.

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